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ACME Machinery Co. Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturer and exporters of machineries used to make corrugated boxes, Paper Bags, Notebooks and Packaging materials in India. Our journey started 3 decades ago, and today we grown manifolds because of our superior quality products and perfection. The company has now fully automated state of the art machineries to manufacture high quality products and deliver excellent value to our customers, while operating in a manner that maintains the integrity of the environment.
The company currently exports to leading countries worldwide like USA, China, UK, Middle East, Canada, regions of Africa and others. We aim to become the leading company in the manufacturing space. Brain child of Mr. Manish Shah, ACME offers highest point of quality and perfection in work.
ACME Machinery Co. Pvt. Ltd. is accredited by UKAS for Quality Management.

About Manish Shah

Mr. Manish Shah is the Managing Director of ACME Machinery Co. Pvt. Ltd. With his creative problem-solving abilities and critical-thinking mindset, he has resolved critical issues and always thrived in the fast-paced challenging environments with multiple priorities. His interpersonal communication skills and leadership qualities have helped him take the company to greater heights. With proven skills to drive business growth, he has always helped corporates gain profits and excel in their endeavors.

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